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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Jared Petronis (J) Scouting ProfileSANT871095052.16332531410.400.88
2Ryan Wallace (S) Scouting ProfilePV760090030.23210381530.460.82
3Nick Lyon (S) Scouting ProfileSR670073340.07321431330.530.85
4Miguel Peralta (S) Scouting ProfileSANT970091139.21142545900.710.86
5Ethan Kramer (J) Scouting ProfileWELL4301100027.2531547410.760.69
6Tommy O'Sullivan (J) Scouting ProfileJC120090018.1821325930.761.20
7Nick Adams (S) Scouting ProfileRPB732084235.1843431510.791.10
8Ches Goodman (S) Scouting ProfilePSL9521102149.114634562110.851.11
9Brendan Bell (S) Scouting ProfilePV632080032.112519481641.081.08
10Tyler Judge (J) Scouting ProfileBEN041060025.21141224911.090.82
11Trevor Hollis (S) Scouting ProfileTKA7421101132.010515481541.090.94
12Ben Vespi (So) Scouting ProfileAHD740191135.11462651621.190.91
13Alec Mendez (S) Scouting ProfileWELL4601100033.08625491151.271.09
14Jake Garland (J) Scouting ProfileJUP8310100043.112825541921.291.02
15Nick Gorby (So) Scouting ProfileJC841081130.01261954921.400.93
16Christian Larson (J) Scouting ProfileSJP3312111028.11062217701.481.02
17Armani Zalez (S) Scouting ProfileBC732080037.211816652401.491.06
18Estevan Richardson (S) Scouting ProfilePBG131090040.01493527621.581.03
19Nick Presto (S) Scouting ProfilePBG101290022.011511201731.591.27
20Jacob Baughman (J) Scouting ProfileSUN0304110021.2759301211.620.97
21Ryan Lange (J) Scouting ProfileCN824080034.012822522041.651.24
22Mike Materetsky (S) Scouting ProfileSCC532093233.112819391341.680.96
23Mitchell Hartigan (S) Scouting ProfileJUP6310100039.1111025461021.780.89
24Tyler Rapf (F) Scouting ProfilePBG051070030.01282430751.871.03
25Jason Richman (S) Scouting ProfileWB430071022.010616181191.911.23
26David Rodriguez (S) Scouting ProfileRPB740090028.215818314021.952.02
27Zach Dodson (J) Scouting ProfileWB9441113050.0251439681071.960.98
28Ryan Bruno (So) Scouting ProfileAHD3224110021.19610362121.971.45
29Brendan Medoro (S) Scouting ProfilePV5510101035.013102731812.001.00
30Carmine Lane (J) Scouting ProfileAHD661190034.2141024441262.021.04
31Rob Smithwick (J) Scouting ProfileJCS731091023.212716241632.071.35
32Alex Rao (S) Scouting ProfileOX933090033.2161021501712.081.13
33Danny Maloney (S) Scouting ProfileWELL2211100022.2871716602.161.01
34Daniel Delaney (J) Scouting ProfilePSL523080028.21793628812.201.53
35Nelson Berkwich (So) Scouting ProfileAHD631081125.11282641412.211.18
36Sean Walters (S) Scouting ProfileWB1211100028.014924212012.251.57
37Chuck Fishbaugh (J) Scouting ProfileJUP1251110018.110614171212.291.42
38Isaiah Nino (S) Scouting ProfileFH021040021.08713251012.331.10
39Jonathan Amonica (J) Scouting ProfileSUN542193138.2191325311612.351.06
40Justin Weithorne (J) Scouting ProfileSCC6400100029.0141026202202.411.66
41Kelsey Ward (J) Scouting ProfileJC731080023.019819261632.431.52
42Gavin Scott (J) Scouting ProfileJUP6240110034.1251233441042.451.25
43Kris Armstrong (S) Scouting ProfileBEN0320110025.114915321302.491.11
44Daniel Farinas (J) Scouting ProfileSJP431090030.1141133221222.541.48
45Noah Ahiyon (So) Scouting ProfileSR532080132.0221218251422.631.00
46Jorge Zambrano (S) Scouting ProfileTC524091131.2211321412132.871.33
47Kyle Hansen (J) Scouting ProfileSR330052119.11182313502.901.45
48Dominic Stagliano (F) Scouting ProfileOH623073136.224163630713.051.17
49Logan Marx (J) Scouting ProfilePBG043070025.0141125181313.081.52
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