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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Brandon O'Brien (J) Scouting ProfileJC431071122.2519331410.311.01
2Zach Mendiguren (S) Scouting ProfilePV321481022.2411724910.311.15
3Luis Delgado (F) Scouting ProfileRPB123180019.05110251240.371.16
4Jamal Johnson (So) Scouting ProfileSANT110281018.2311116420.380.80
5Paul Lanoce (S) Scouting ProfileBEN0400110030.0421530310.470.60
6Jared Petronis (J) Scouting ProfileSANT10820116064.19547621560.540.96
7Lyon Richardson (S) Scouting ProfileJB10700110048.27416902060.580.74
8Nick Adams (S) Scouting ProfileRPB9320104246.01143851710.610.98
9Tibur Rivero (J) Scouting ProfileMC972094253.09521801760.660.72
10Drew Stubbs () Scouting ProfileLPA7521133149.11352939660.710.71
11Tommy O'Sullivan (J) Scouting ProfileJC1200100018.28213261130.751.29
12Miguel Peralta (S) Scouting ProfileSANT10710101143.217529491100.800.92
13Ryan Wallace (S) Scouting ProfilePV8620120036.17516462130.961.02
14Sean Osceola (S) Scouting ProfileOK7601121050.11073749870.970.89
15Alex Albertini (So) Scouting ProfileMC770082143.014615491730.980.74
16Thomas Roop () Scouting ProfileLPA3400120028.2642128720.980.98
17Anthony Martens (J) Scouting ProfileTRE4700110035.210530411170.981.15
18Tyler Judge (J) Scouting ProfileBEN851090033.21351833911.040.80
19Ches Goodman (S) Scouting ProfilePSL12641133166.1251149702631.161.13
20Josh Vega (J) Scouting ProfileSANT330040018.063154201.170.94
21Trevor Hollis (S) Scouting ProfileTKA9421121141.013720551841.200.93
22Jake Garland (J) Scouting ProfileJUP13610151072.1181341853031.260.98
23Ryan Wimbush (S) Scouting ProfileDWY8441101044.115824721811.260.95
24Nick Gorby (So) Scouting ProfileJC12620122150.2221033881431.380.93
25Ben Vespi (So) Scouting ProfileAHD10611121150.1191036641031.390.91
26Brendan Bell (S) Scouting ProfilePV9430111149.0181031632041.431.04
27Brady Markham (So) Scouting ProfileOK402060023.19515201131.501.11
28Zac Lampton (J) Scouting ProfilePBC6520140037.010817512261.511.05
29Jacob Baughman (J) Scouting ProfileSUN0304140027.18611381421.540.91
30Nick Lyon (S) Scouting ProfileSR8810103350.0151132492051.541.04
31Tucker Weindorf (S) Scouting ProfilePBG2023110018.0741717731.561.33
32Ryan Lange (J) Scouting ProfileCN934090040.014927612361.581.25
33Alec Mendez (S) Scouting ProfileWELL7711131047.2131135581761.621.09
34Jordan Coleman (S) Scouting ProfileDWY7511121138.213931301221.631.11
35CJ Kayfus (So) Scouting ProfilePBC8431110038.01493342711.661.05
36Mike Materetsky (S) Scouting ProfileSCC532093233.112819391341.680.96
37Chuck Fishbaugh (J) Scouting ProfileJUP1352140024.110615211311.731.15
38Richie Pfuger (S) Scouting ProfileMC521270028.019719341841.751.32
39Trevor Omans (S) Scouting ProfileDWY1201100024.01162027831.751.17
40Ruiari Murphy (S) Scouting ProfileDWY9520111139.2161022623151.761.34
41Mark Link (J) Scouting ProfileSEM934092143.1211142462041.781.43
42Jeremy Neff (J) Scouting ProfilePBC9530110035.112923452021.781.22
43Kris Armstrong (S) Scouting ProfileBEN1530150038.0161022551711.841.03
44Nelson Berkwich (So) Scouting ProfileAHD6310111130.11282748611.851.09
45Gavin Scott (J) Scouting ProfileJUP7540160045.1281239541541.851.19
46Brandon Williams (S) Scouting ProfileSANT341290022.28614281611.851.32
47Sean Walters (S) Scouting ProfileWB2311130041.0171131282621.881.39
48Alex Barnhart (S) Scouting ProfileWELL2101130122.1669311701.881.16
49Sebastian Martinez (S) Scouting ProfileTRE8321120037.0141031391241.891.16
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