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Pitching Stats Spring 2019

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1Brandon O'Brien ('19) Scouting ProfileJC420041019.030714610.000.68
2Tyler Judge ('19) Scouting ProfileBEN140060035.2713055300.200.93
3Nelson Berkwich ('20) Scouting ProfileAHD660081234.1411556510.200.58
4Chase Romaine ('19) Scouting ProfileCN110160021.2119351100.320.92
5Jordan Garcia ('21) Scouting ProfileBRC111141017.041426410.410.47
6Dillon Moran ('19) Scouting ProfileJB622071129.26213441330.470.88
7Tibur Rivero ('19) Scouting ProfileMC530052127.1727401400.510.77
8Carsten Finnvold ('21) Scouting ProfileAHD341051223.222734730.590.59
9Alex Albertini ('19) Scouting ProfileMC551072232.29314411660.640.92
10Zachary Morgan ('19) Scouting ProfileJCS7610101032.01031932810.660.84
11Jake Garland ('19) Scouting ProfileJUP641061130.1931955800.690.89
12Bryce McBride ('20) Scouting ProfileTRE211251119.0621620620.741.16
13Ethan Kramer ('19) Scouting ProfileWELL731070127.1832129920.771.10
14Dominic Stagliano ('21) Scouting ProfileOH541071026.07315321010.810.96
15Noah Mcmurrain ('19) Scouting ProfileSR110250016.152917700.860.98
16Nick Gorby ('20) Scouting ProfileJC550060023.0531139410.910.65
17Zack Moak ('20) Scouting ProfileRPB513090024.212413191421.141.09
18Jamal Johnson ('20) Scouting ProfileSANT122070016.1631421711.291.29
19Emil Alunno ('20) Scouting ProfileSF632070027.010514341541.301.07
20Aaron Diaz ('20) Scouting ProfilePSL6132102131.221623311651.331.23
21Mason Manriquez ('20) Scouting ProfileWELL231080021.0741124841.330.90
22Ryan Patterson ('0) Scouting ProfileSEM331071121.0741622221.330.86
23Greg Wells ('20) Scouting ProfileSCC441050020.1641926521.381.18
24Vincent Carignan ('21) Scouting ProfileSJP360070025.1651816821.381.03
25Ericson Irasquin ('20) Scouting ProfileTC421040020.0641519721.401.10
26Mark Link ('0) Scouting ProfileSEM751072038.011820532021.471.05
27Juan Salinas-Bentley ('19) Scouting ProfileOX741080033.01473934601.481.36
28Zac Dodson ('19) Scouting ProfileWB650080037.11082752721.500.91
29Luis Blanco ('19) Scouting ProfileTC221061017.0848181231.651.18
30Tommy O'Sullivan ('19) Scouting ProfileJC230290120.275833911.690.82
31Ryan Flynn ('20) Scouting ProfileSF640070028.1872527471.731.02
32Jake Torres ('20) Scouting ProfileSJP5303112140.0171029341041.750.98
33Carmine Lane ('19) Scouting ProfileAHD530162027.0771845901.811.00
34Zach Annese ('19) Scouting ProfileWB330260015.1441015201.830.78
35Ryan Bruno ('20) Scouting ProfileAHD631180026.17713401601.861.10
36Derek Hatch ('19) Scouting ProfileBB320160015.011410151221.871.47
37Braden Forchic ('19) Scouting ProfileSJP220270015.0648121221.871.33
38Sammy Lehmkuhl ('19) Scouting ProfileFH5311102039.126114131861.961.25
39Alex Walsh ('22) Scouting ProfileSCC623192135.219103919601.961.26
40Jared Petronis ('19) Scouting ProfileSANT723080042.221123645271.970.89
41Michael Ciaccio ('21) Scouting ProfileSR521062024.2137912901.990.73
42Soloman Masters ('20) Scouting ProfileRPB001090017.0851471102.061.47
43Chris Marrero ('20) Scouting ProfileRPB111070017.01451812422.061.29
44Patrick Declemente ('20) Scouting ProfileOH422081025.21382413902.181.29
45Joseph Carnicella ('19) Scouting ProfileJCS220170015.1551415522.281.24
46Matt Lambertson ('19) Scouting ProfileSUN421060018.1961916922.291.53
47Juziah Ovando ('20) Scouting ProfileFPC311040015.07512171012.331.47
48Jarrett Cook ('20) Scouting ProfileLW413060018.016615181352.331.56
49Hunter Furtado ('20) Scouting ProfileTKA605060026.215914272122.361.31
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